Update and Summer Course

A plan is in the works for this blog to move. With support from the MLTI, this should happen in the coming months. In the meantime, I think I’ll endure the invasion of advertisements in my content and continue on here at edublogs. Knowing a better home is ahead, I’ve psyched myself into it. I hope you, too, can put up with those vexing hyperlinks that contaminate my blog!

Another reason that I wanted to hop back on my blog is to shamelessly promote my annual summer course at USM. Formerly known as “Teaching and Learning through Universal Design,” the title is now “Putting It All Together: Your Curriculum, Your Learners, and Technology.” The ultimate course goal remains the same: To support teachers in meeting the needs and preferences of the widest possible number of learners without need for accommodation or modification. With some free advice and marketing consultation, I decided to drop the reference to UD because the term – although I believe it has broken ground in Maine – tends to conjure up references to disability, which is certainly the origin of UD but not it’s purpose. Most importantly, I am a general education teacher myself, and the course approaches teaching and learning within the context of content area curriculum.

Here are some excerpts from just some of the USM course evaluation comment forms from Fall 2007 and Summer 2008 (the shameless promotion goes on):

“…I came away from this course (as I did every time after each class) with an overwhelming desire and inspiration to become a better teacher by incorporating the ideals of UD. I feel I have gained a better perspective and more resources to help me achieve my goal of teaching more, if not all, of my students.”

“…I will be forever grateful to Cynthia for her teachings and guidance throughout this session and beyond. Her understanding, nurturing personality as an instructor, motivated all of us and inspired us to go beyond our ‘comfort zones’ while using technology.”

“…The impact of the methods and means by which I now design, format, and present my lessons is making a significant positive difference in the enthusiasm and motivation of my students.”

“…(Cynthia) helped us all think about our curriculum in new ways, and she included opportunities for reflection, collaboration, and peer feedback to assist each of us in thinking about how to implement change in our curriculum. She also modeled for us the ways in which we could utilize technology in our own courses through her own instruction.”

“This is an excellent course that should be part of the required courses to be certified in Maine…”

“…I am very happy that I took this course. I would recommend this to my colleagues.”

So, that’s my call out! Please join me and/or refer colleagues. For more information and to register, visit the Web site of USM’s Professional Development Center http://usm.maine.edu/pdc/epc532.htm

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