At a standstill

To anyone who follows this blog, I apologize for my lack of activity. Perhaps you’ve noticed that Edublogs is now embedding advertisement links inside of the content of blog posts. Because I believe that this practice is a nuisance, I’ve been considering my options for continuing this blog. It greatly disappoints me to have to take this break as I take a great deal of pleasure in sharing updates on universal design and supporting technologies, as well as learning from others who graciously comment with their own insights and resources. I’m optimistic, however, that I’ll find a new home! I’ll keep you updated, and I’m sure that the MLTI will also be in communication.

If you have suggestions for alternatives, I greatly welcome those.

More later…

5 comments so far

  1. Becky on

    How annoying. I do not blame you. I first noticed that on a blog that I had to work with in MSAD 56. I think Edublogs needs to rethink that. Better ads on the sides than popping up all over. Yuck!!! Let me know when you go….

  2. Michael Richards on


    Have you thought about hosting your site? It is easier than you think with hosting solutions like I’m in the process of moving from edublogs to my own domain. I’ve done a couple of test runs and it my entries and comments moved pretty easily.

  3. Cynthia Curry on

    Thanks, Michael! Others have suggested that I look into my own site, but your specific reference to Bluehost is especially helpful.


  4. Jim Burke on

    My first experience with using edublogs was helping a teacher to start one up last Friday. I was full of high expectations . . .and now you tell me this?! 😉


  5. Cynthia Curry on

    That’ll teach ya’ to stay on top of my blog…had you read it on Thursday you wouldn’t have made that mistake on Friday! Miss a day, miss a lot 🙂


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