Atomic Learning Trial – thanks, ACTEM!

If you’ve got room for but one more thing between now and Thanksgiving, go to Atomic Learning and explore the Assistive Technology Tutorials…compliments of ACTEM. You can search the tutorials by “specialization” (hearing, learning, physical, speech, vision) and “category” (auditory word processors, communication devices, content authoring, educational software, keyboards, and software accessibility).

I’ve only had but a minute myself to preview what’s available, but I’ve got to say that the applications and devices will be of interest to everyone. In my short experimentation with selecting combos of specialization-category, here’s a few of the interesting apps and devices I stumbled upon:

Clicker, ImageBlender, MediaBlender, KidPix, Kidspiration, Inspiration, Boardmaker, IntelliTools, SMART Notebook, Writing with Symbols, WordQ, mimio, Kurzweil, Read & Write Gold, Google SketchUp, CoWriter SOLO, as well as DynaVox and Vmax communication devices.

The trial is available through November 27.

Username: maineactem

Password: atomic

Many thanks to Craig Dickinson, ACTEM Business Manager, for the alert.

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